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Who we are

SAYS — Somaliland Association for Youth Salvation is officially registered as a national LNGO under the ministry of planning and development in Somaliland. SAYS is a Non-governmental, not political, non-partisan, humanitarian and social Development Youth voluntary Organization. SAYS operated at the national level in Somaliland regions, Districts &Villages with the cooperation of local to national Authorities, partners, CSO, ground community committees and stakeholders.

“Creating a better future for youth, women and children in Somaliland.”

Nour Adan


Somaliland Association for Youth Salvation (SAYS) IS non-profit, nongovernmental, nonpartisan, developmental, and Humanitarian national LNGO under Somaliland ministry of planning and development (17 years old ) formed on 23 feb-2002, BY the Opinion and mental initiative of the Intellectuals, innovation youth leaders, scholars and professionals elite Members In Somaliland community, behind serial community brainstorming consultations dealing with Domestic youth volitions, SAYS Becomes Official first Youth NGO formed in Awdal Regions and Somaliland in Generally.
On 2002 though had recorded maximum number of youth arrested ‘’ there were Very Aggressive youth Attitude and adolescence violations fighting in day and night time not only Sports Groups, result All form of Gender Based Violence exceeded. The peak domestic youth fighting problem affected in every House- individual level and mass community ownership destruction everything.
Whereas within short time SAYS achieved durable Total solution to that exhausted domestic youth terrible fighting and high security tension hazardous Volitions against Gender Based Violence. SAYS Started mass whole community engagements, Mobilization and social awareness raising through promoted youth peace reconciliation, Youth change attitude ,Education awareness and promoted youth friendship sport tournaments. Result the first peace reconciliation football Cup for 23 groups in a successfully zero grieve environments. SAYS conducted youth Education awareness raising, youth peace reconciliation, youth counseling, youth attitude change, Sports Tournaments and Athletic program activity.
SAYS with collaboration it’s UN and international NGO has work over 17 years means has a proved capacity and experience to perform desired project implementation result in effective and efficiently.


Our Mission

SAYS strives to mobilize, involve and educate the community at all levels to ensure particularly, the most vulnerable, the poor of the poorest children, men, women, and youths are empowered and are leading a dignified life and have a sustainable livelihood, through initiation and support of programs that support community development.

Our Vision

SAYS visions, a community in which the youth, women and children flourish both economically and socially, have access to their rights and can participate in the development of the community.

Our Main Goal

To bring community sustainable livelihood improvements to the community fundamental need of disadvantage, vulnerable poor and marginalized community livelihood of both outreaches rural and urban in the country (Somaliland)


Mutual respect, recognizing the innate dignity and worth of youth, women and children and then all the other people and value of diversity.

Social service Equity access and Justice, requiring to work to ensure that everyone –irrespective of sex, age, race, colour, class and religion – has equal opportunity for expressing and utilizing their potential

Honesty and Transparency, requiring to be accountable for the effectiveness of Somaliland Association for youth salvation within the organization spheres and among International’s actions and open in SAYSs judgments and communications with others as well.

Solidarity with poor and marginalized people, so that SAYS Somaliland only bias will be a commitment to the interests of the poor and powerless

Courage of conviction, requiring to be creative and radical, without fear of failure, in pursuit of the highest possible impact on the causes of poverty, violence’s against human right to the women, youth and children.

Humility, recognizing that SAYS is part of a bigger alliance against poverty, SGBV and requiring SAYS Somaliland’s presentation and behaviors to be modest.